sherryl-2012I am a Licensed Certified Belief Therapist and Life Coach. I received my ordination from the ULC Seminary in 2008. I have over 25 years experience and education in the mental health field working with individuals from the age of 6 to 90 in the areas of alcohol and drug addictions, grief, domestic violence, sexual assault, depression and anxiety, family therapy, and spiritual development. This site is designed to help those in need of spiritual guidance, recovery, and reprogramming old and limiting beliefs into new ones. Belief Therapy is designed to work with misconceptions of our past and how our beliefs play a huge part in the decisions and choices we make in our lives. Those choices that will eventually affect our future and how our lives develop. The modules and lessons we provide will provide information on how the therapy profiles we use are based on the principles and guidelines developed through the Therapon Institute.

I’m not a clinician or a psychotherapist even though I do have the education, experience, and knowledge along with extensive training. I am a minister and Licensed Certified Belief Therapist/Certified Life Coach using faith-based modalities and programs to work with individuals who may be currently, or have in the past, experienced similar life issues that I have. These might be in the areas of narcissism, drug addiction, domestic violence, rape, homelessness, grief, medical illnesses, career and personal development, and spiritual insecurities where greater awareness and development may be needed.

Belief Therapy 101 strives for the empowering of men and women with the tools to live the most abundant life possible…….. While Beginning a New Journey Toward a Greater Awareness of Self……

Healing the Mind:  We must be very cautious with our thoughts. Weapons of mass destruction could be created inside our minds. Each thought is most precious. It is said that our mind is actually where the soul resides in the human body. It is said that our thoughts produce emotions which in turn produce actions.

If this is true…..then could it be true that our thoughts can become reality? If we focus on one thing for long enough, could it be possible to manifest? Yes, I believe so.

Healing the Body

Healing the Spirit

Prayer and Dreams

Our work utilizes modules in association with the Therapon Institute of Marrero LA.

Life, no matter where it exists, is a special journey.

As we move through this Spiritual journey called “Life” we will be given many opportunities to learn, grow and evolve. After all…..evolving is one of those extremely important aspects of the experience.  From the beginning to the end we will evolve. From the first breath, the first word, the first love, the last smile, the last touch, and the last breath……..it is a beautiful and profoundly special gift……………this gift called life. Live it, love it, and above all………………share it.

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